Dementia Policy 

Dementia Policy based on the Dementia Management Act law, according to the Degenerative Disease Hypothesis. Now We proved the inflammatory hypothesis, a revision of the Dementia Management Act law is needed.

2018년 개정된 치매국가책임제는 퇴행성 질환 가설을 근거로 하였다. 치매국가책임제 법률의 재개정이 필요하다. 

This study was a prospective cohort study of patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment from February 2008 to January 2019. SNU institute approved the clinical study of patients based on The Nuremberg Code (1947) and FDA guidelines. We carried out all methods were carried out following relevant guidelines and regulations. The SNU Institute of Aging at Seoul National University approved all the experimental protocols. We administered medicines in compliance with medical and pharmacist laws under the informed consent of the patient.